Stage 2: Coding

A Front-End Web Developer receives the mockup you created (together with a graphic designer), and begins coding the design. Functionality, searchabilty and behavior of the website are addressed at this stage. Our developers can do whatever the client desires, or recommend the best platform for their budget and objectives. Some examples of site builders we have used are Square Space, Word Press and Weebly. We can also take a more customized approach. For mobile first, front-end frameworks, we like Bootstrap and for developing software, we have used Adobe Dreamweaver. But, our developers are always learning the latest new web building technologies and bringing that expertise to every project. Our code is "dry" which is an industry term for "do not repeat yourself", and means the code is clean and concise, making it compatible with the various browsers and easy to understand for screen readers and search engines. Clean, "dry" code is also easier to change and update.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To get your site coming up in Google and other search engine results (i.e. Bing, Yahoo), you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That is achieved when your site works smoothly with their algorithms. We do not engage in any "black hat" practices in order to trick search engines. Such tactics can result in your site being blocked or blacklisted and not worth the risks. The integrity of your content is enough to keep your site ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPS), also known as your "SEO score".

Our developers employ three pillars of sound SEO:

Mobile First / Responsive Web Design

Most people today use websites on their phones. A website experience needs to be equally engaging on mobile screens as it is on larger desktop and laptop screen sizes. A great website uses the extra space on wider screens to deliver enhanced content, and scales down for mobile devices, without losing quality. To keep your site looking great on every screen size, and going into the future, you need Responsive Web Design (RWD). That means:

Hillstone developers use the latest CSS techniques like Flexbox to create responsive layouts, taking a "mobile first" approach to every web design project.