How it Works

A website is created in three distinct stages: the design stage, the development stage, and the launch. Hillstone breaks down web design projects into those three stages. Clients are billed at the completion of each stage, in three (3) smaller billing cycles, as opposed to one big one. Our team members work remotely, doing only what they love, and what they know best. A Project Coordinator facilitates, keeping the entire project within scope, and aligned with client priorities.

Why We Are Different

Our web design business model not only allows clients to absorb the total cost of getting an online presence, but compartmentalizes the project into three separate pieces, with three separate contracts. We optimize quality by assigning a specialist to each stage. This provides closer scrutiny, resulting in higher overall quality of the end product. Clients can discuss design elements, specify website functionality and select web services with the relevant professionals, while committing to only one third of the project at a time. Our process gives clients the freedom to leave at any time, or simply pause the process between stages.

Contact Us

At this time, we are accepting new clients for November, 2018. If your timeline is immediate and the project is smaller in scale, please open a support ticket and someone will reply within forty eight hours.