Project Coordinators

Laura Hill
Laura Hill, Founder, CEO,
Lead Project Coordinator
Shalom Covert
Shalom Covert
Site Copy Writer and Editor
Project Coordinator
Laura Hill
Rebecca Reyes-Dreyfus
Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator
Project Coordinators are similar to account managers. Hillstone clients are assigned to one Coordinator for all three stages as a common point of contact who facilitates and monitors the project`s timeline, budget and customer satisfaction. By phone, text, email, smoke signals or by shouting very loudly, around the clock and calendar, Project Coordinators are there.

"Assembling a team of the very best people to collaborate with remotely, has taken years. I don't want anyone working with our clients that I don't love working with myself!"
- Laura Hill, Solopreneur of This Awesome Microbusiness


Sarah profile pic
Sarah Elizabeth Bellagamba, UX Designer
Janet Smithson profile pic
Janet Smithson, Senior UI Designer

The Designers
User Experience (UX) Designers do research to understand your site's users, develops ideas to solve their needs — and the needs of the business — and then builds and measures those solutions in the real world to see if they work. User Interface (UI) Designers take that baton from UX, and create interactivity to deploy those ideas on your site. Graphic Designers are schooled and experienced in fine art, as well as image editing and drawing sofware. All Hillstone designers listen, ask questions and expect an iterative process. If you don't love what you see - we won't stop until you do.

Web Development

Salome Kincaide
Diane Perterson, Lead Developer
Kay Garland
Kay Garland, Developer

The Web Developer
Web Developers are uber smart people who weild computer code to render your vision. In high school, you may have called them nerds, but when you seek the very best online representation of your brand? Its time to pay the piper.

"I wanted my site to be simple and intuitive, yet convey the mood and feel of our restaurant's modern flair. The designers and developers at Hillstone brought that vision to living color in a brilliant video header, with an overlaid gradient background. Stunning!!
- Larry Parker, The Boom Restaurant

Technical Support

Salome Kincaide
Salome Kincaide, Client Coordinator
Tech Support Specialist
Laura Hill
Stacy Cecchine, Project Coordinator
Tech Support Specialist

The Technical Support Specialist
Tehcnical Support does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting you live online. Many clients have domains they want to transfer, web services to cancel, they want to switch platforms or hosts. Tech Support facilitates those complicated processes and streamlines your services inside the desired budget.

"I needed to leave Yahoo! Small Business when they sold that whole wing of the company. It was impossible to even get a human on the phone. Hillstone Tech Support cleared up a lot of confusion on my end, and walked me through canceling all of my Yahoo! accounts and moving over to Square Space. Now, instead of paying three monthly charges to Yahoo! I only pay one mothly fee - and its less!"
- Jana Macias, SCA Inc.