Stage 3: Going Live on the Web

To get a website live on the web, you need:

The Technical Support team does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to lining up those services and getting your new site online. First, you may want to learn how to update the content yourself. You may need to transfer a domain name or switch web hosts. We help you sort through providers and plans, so you can consolidate expenses and choose the best options within your budget and skills. We can also assist you in creating social media business accounts, i.e. Google Plus, Facebook (business page), Twitter, or LinkedIn, and linking them to your new site before it goes live. Many clients have asked for assistance updating their current accounts. We will endeavor to train each tech support client on everything we do.

Technical Support Service

Hillstone offers limited technical support as a stand-alone service to new clients as well, to include everything listed above. We offer month-to-month SEO and Webmaster contracts, as well as hourly support for technical issues (2 hr. minimum). Our most common request is for transfering data off of phones and laptops onto a secondary storage device or online "cloud" storage (ask us about photobooks!). Use the form below to detail your technical issue.

*Please Note: Due to the highy specialized experience required, we are not recovering data from crashed machines at this time.

Open a Support Ticket

Our technical support team responds to technical support requests within 24 hours, and resolves issues to your satisfaction before closing the support ticket. We pride ourselves on fostering technical independence in each and every support client.